Control the Nature of Your Money

Money is one of the most important things in your entire life.

Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety about money will depend on getting your finances under control.

Understanding money how to make it and keep it is absolutely essential to your relationships, to your happiness, and to your future.

Here's the honest truth. There's really only two ways to make money and the first way, we're all too familiar with. You get a job and work for money.

We're not saying that having a j.o.b. means "just over broke," and that it's a bad thing and you have to go out and quit your job. No way. What we're saying is it's not the BEST way to earn an income. Here's why: if you ever stop working, your income stream stops flowing. It limits your choices in the way you are allowed to spend your time.

At the Wealth Summit, we want to introduce you to the second way. There's possibilities out there where you can earn a paycheck month after month after month even if you choose not to work. So instead of working hard for your money, your money works hard for you.

In Robert G. Allen's authoritative, bestselling book on managing and growing your finances, "Multiple Streams of Income," he talks about 4 Money Mountains from which your "streams" of income can flow:
The stock market and paper assets, whether it's company stock, bonds, options, forex, futures or commodities, are a great way to build wealth fast. The trick is making sure you know enough to manage yourself in the market so you make far more money than you lose. This is another fantastic way to invest your money. The one thing the richest people in the world have in common is all of them own property or hold their wealth in property. Generally, there's two ways to make money from this - either buy at below-market-value prices and sell for a profit or buy and hold it to generate cashflow from rental income. This isn't just another department in your company - it's an essential skill. Building a successful business is all about getting your products and services out to other people. You can make a fortune creating products and services based on your passion and talents and then selling and marketing them to the masses. Information is the new currency and you need to position yourself to take advantage of this lucrative market. No other market on the planet is bigger or growing faster than the Internet. There's billions of people searching for products, services, and information and the number is growing daily. You could take your next money-making idea, put it up online and start earning an income immediately.
You have to invest in your education to learn, practice, and become an expert in at least one of these income streams. The Wealth Summit was designed for just that purpose. It doesn't cost you a lot to attend, it won't take a lot of your time, but the payoff could be a lifetime of money, flowing from the strategies and tools you will gain.
Robert Allen


New York Times Best-selling Author on Wealth Creation

"Multiple Streams of Income"


Robert Allen is one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. Author of an authoritative library of best-selling books, "Creating Wealth," "Multiple Streams of Income," and "The One Minute Millionaire." He has appeared on dozens of programs, including "Good Morning America" and "Larry King Live" and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron's, Money Magazine, and Reader's Digest.

What You Will Learn
You have the chance now to work directly with him as he shows you the best ways to build your income streams in your business and investments that will flow into your sea of wealth.

Andre Baxter


Influential Stock Market Advisor

"Trading Places: The Best and Most Lucrative Investment Strategies"


Andrew Baxter has been a market professional for almost 19 years, trading a wide range of global markets and instruments. As a highly regarded industry speaker, he has spoken alongside Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins and Tony Blair, empowering many thousands of people, from all over the world, with the skills, techniques and strategies for managing risk and winning in the market place.

What You Will Learn
You will learn how to manage yourself and your investment portfolio as well as the most lucrative stock investment strategies in the world today.

Jonathan Quek


Record-Breaking Wealth Coach and Speaker

Gold & Silver: The New Money for this Economy


Often quoted by the media as Asia’s Youngest Wealth Coach, Jonathan Quek is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. He has spoken at financial, corporate, and educational organizations all over the world and has been featured and interviewed in numerous media channels like the New Straits Times, The Malay Mail, The Malaysian Insider, Gorgeous Magazine, Hello on Two, China Press, TV1, TV2, TV3, Capital TV, BFM89.9 and many more.

What You Will Learn
Jonathan will prove that it doesn't matter what your age is, it's never to early or too late to start growing your wealth. He will share insights from his experiences investing in precious metals like gold and silver.

Edmund Loh


Global Internet Marketing Speaker and Trainer

Surf Your Way to a Fortune Online


At the young age of 18, Edmund Loh began his online journey as a digital product reseller and affiliate. His venture in the Internet Marketing arena spawned a business that would go on to generate a million dollar revenue in just over 3 years. Edmund co-authored the national bestseller "Secrets of Millionaire Students" and his successes has been noted in The Star, Malaysian Today, IncomeDiary, and many more publications.

What You Will Learn
A regular speaker at events like the Global Internet Summit, Edmund will be here to share with you the most reliable ways to start a business online even if you have no product, no expertise, and with no technical expertise.

Sean and Cayden


Masters of Value Investing

Win Consistently in a Volatile Stock Market


Sean Seah and Cayden Chang have been featured in the Straits Times, News Radio 93.8, and business investment magazines. Sean is the best selling author of "Winning the Money Game" and "Gone Fishing with Buffett." Cayden is a cancer survivor and took himself from broke to a millionaire. Their winning investment strategy? Value Investing. They have trained hundreds of individuals in Value Investing - Warren Buffett's strategy of choice, breaking down the concept into simple, practical steps that can be easily applied by anyone.

What You Will Learn
They'll show you that the stock market isn't the uncertain, risky place everyone thinks it is but a huge opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their financial situation and build their wealth through this proven and time-tested strategy.

James McNeil


International Marketing Senior Trainer & Personal Coach

Publish a Book & Grow Rich


James is one of the top speakers in Canada and is in high demand the world over. He's been trains with and on behalf of Gerry Robert at Publish a Book & Grow Rich™ events since the 1990’s. For over 2 decades, James has spoken Fortune 500 companies, over New York radio and professionals in over 1,500 audiences around the world.

What You Will Learn
An uplifting motivational speaker, coach and bestselling author of "Success Secrets of King Solomon," a book reflecting on living a purpose-filled life, he'll inspire you to challenge yourself and show you how to use a book as a marketing tool and income accelerator.

Peng Joon


Voted #1 Digital Marketer

Build a Money Machine


In 2005, Peng Joon was a RM153,000 in debt. Left with a computer, internet connection and RM731 in his bank account, he started his first website and has never looked back since.Today, Peng Joon runs over 500 websites in many niches ranging from gaming to forex, fitness, dog training and dating, with his business empire generating over 8 figures in sales.

What You Will Learn
Over the years, Peng Joon has refined his 3 step system that has helped many monetize their passion, earn passive income online, quit their full time jobs and be their own boss. His system has been widely regarded as the easiest and fastest way to start generating a 5 figure income online.



Professional Investor, Trader & Personal Mastery Coach

The 4-Step Formula to Consistent & Accelerated Returns from the Stock Market


Despite the recent turmoil in world economy, Kathlyn managed to generate 300% returns per year from the stock market in the past 2 years! From an employee in the corporate world to taking charge of her own time and financial freedom, she believes that everyone has the potential to do the same. She has coached more than 1000 people from all walks of life, those with no knowledge in investing to remisiers and financial controllers.

Kathlyn will share with you 4 simple and repeatable strategies to buy strong growth stocks at a fraction of the price, multiply your returns by 10-33 times, and protect against market uncertainty using Contract for Difference (CFD).




16-18 August 2013
9:00am - 7:00pm

Resorts World Sentosa,
Convention Center (RWS)
Function Room: Leo Room 1 to 4
(Take the guest lift lobby at Hard Rock Hotel to level 1)

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"The Wealth Summit 2012 was amazing. I have learnt a lot of very practical vehicles to achieve financial freedom. Now I'm confident that I'm on my way to achieving my dreams in the next few years. Thank you!"

"Wealth Summit is a life changing moment for financial success."

"Various vehicles to achieve financial freedom [were introduced], especially some that are unheard of in Singapore. Thanks for opening my mind even wider to the ocean of opportunities out there!"

Millie Leung, 34, Business Owner

Nelson Lau, 23, Real Estate Agent

Patricia Lim, 29, Biotechnologist

"I have never thought there are vast ways [and] tools to achieve financial freedom. I also discovered that psychology [and] mindset is the key and first step for financial success."

"Insightful. Allowed me to broaden my scope and knowledge about how wealth can possibly be created the non-conventional way."

Andia Murni,40, Employed

Sylvia Yong, 42, Property Consultant




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